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Why do I need a Furminator DeShedding tool

It will remove any coat that has shed from the pet’s skin. This includes the topcoat (guard hair). The undercoat is the underlying problem of shedding and is the majority of hair that you see in your house.

How does it work?

We recommend using the FURminator DeShedding Tool 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes each session. The DeShedding tool is non-abrasive to the skin and removes the undercoat and loose hair. The ears and tail are typically sensitive areas for most pets, so extra caution will need to be taken when brushing these areas.

How do I take care of my DeShedding tool?

Be sure to keep the protective edge cover on the DeShedding tool when it’s not in use. It is best to brush your pet before using the tool to remove any mats or tangles your pet may have. Make sure that your pet’s coat is completely dry before using a DeShedding tool on your pet. You can clean the DeShedding edge with warm water. A mild soap may be used if necessary.