In the midst of countless lingerie content on YouTube, ELLE has contributed views to the quality invested videos of popular Content Creators and compiled a list of bras that these girls all love.

At this time, everyone is quickly “catching” the summer signal to enjoy a fun and exciting time with family and close friends. However, the hot, difficult weather of weather resonates with the restraint of underwire bras sometimes making your experience incomplete. Therefore, it can be said that this is the time when rimless bras “take the throne” in the item category to bring comfort to stylish girls. With advice from YouTubers, let’s ELLE take a look at the top 5 “must-have bras” that girls should not miss.


Many people mistakenly think that bra is an acronym for “bralette”, but in fact, this short spelling comes from the word “brassiere”, which means a garment designed to support and protect a woman’s bust. . Bralette bra is a frameless shirt, with thin foam padding and lace outside, often favored by girls on days when they need comfort and do not want to be restrained. On sweltering summer days, it’s not difficult to find sexy, trendy girls wearing underwire bras appearing on the street. YouTube Giang Oi advises that women can choose a bralette bra with thin padding or not, however, you should still go directly to a store or familiar address to find a bra you like and fit. twisted with her peach mounds.


bralette bra for summer

(Photo: @maralafontan)

bralette is the right shirt for attractive small busts

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Although not a fan of sports activities, every girl needs at least 1 sport bra in her wardrobe. Besides, the optimal material of this item is also an effective tool in “cooling” the body on high temperature days. With vlogger Chloe Nguyen, the sport bra can be used in a variety of situations, such as traveling or resting at a resort. Thanks to its good sweat absorption, ideal level of bust support, the sport bra can keep you comfortable while exercising or moving to new destinations.


sport bra has the effect of supporting the bust

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Sports bra for active girls

(Photo: @quynhanhshyn_)


When buying a sport bra, Chloe also advises women to choose a shirt style that both supports the chest and hugs the back to be suitable for many different exercise movements. With a potential sport bra, active girls can combine with skinny jeans or sweat pants to create a youthful and trendy athleisure mix for summer days.

sport bra is used in sports practice

(Photo: @yoyokulala)



Unlike conventional bras, the bandeau bra is designed in a wireless form and hugs a woman’s bust. Various materials such as cotton, knitwear or crochet are also a big plus for this shirt style. Thanks to that, the girls can freely mix & match with semi-closed and half-open layer mixes, still comfortable, and attractive without being offensive. However, this style of shirt is quite “picky” for big-breasted girls because it can cause them to get into an unwanted “disclosure” situation.


Khanh Linh stands out with a strapless bra

(Photo: @klinhnd)

twisted strapless bra

(Photo: @pepamack)

bandeau bra is the name of the strapless bra

(Photo: @yoyokulala)



Longline bra designs always stand out with large versions, similar to body-hugging crop tops. Therefore, this style is often favored by “connoisseurs” and combined with items such as wide-leg pants, blazer to become more elegant and fashionable.


The longline bra is a bra with a large portion

(Photo: @maralafontan)

knitted bra for summer

(Photo: @pepamack)

croptop bra has the same length as a croptop shirt

(Photo: @xeniaadonts)



Plunge bra is a suitable type of bra for women when wearing deep neckline and shirt designs that do not want to reveal the underwear, causing “lost points” for the outfit. Chloe thinks this is the most “hacking” breast shape because although the padding is not thick, the design of the belt helps the breasts close together, creating a delicate and graceful cleavage. However, girls should not “abuse” this style of shirt too much, because the combination of the plunge bra with inappropriate outerwear shapes also “accidentally” makes your breasts “flatter” than usual.

The plunge bra is usually worn under low-cut dresses

(Photo: @pepamack)

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